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Welcome to the second website for The Posture Theory. I hope you find it informative and useful.

You can read my introduction on the this page.

The Posture Theory was first published in June 1980 as an essay called “The Matter of Framework”, and as a book of 11 editions, between 1994 and 2000, and the first website began in about 1994 and can be seen here.

I provide facts, evidence, and proof of my ideas from a wide variety of sources, including reliable and verifiable information from history, and from the best medical literature and research Journals in the world.

All information on this website is subject to my copyright. However, you are welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes as long as you acknowledge the source.

Max Banfield

Author of The Posture Theory 1980 (now known as "sitting is harmful to health". Developer of the world first effective method of treating chronic fatigue 1976-1984) (now known as the chronic fatigue syndrome, pacing, and energy management), and the aspect now known as post-exertional malaise etc. Inventor of the world first standing computer desk 1998, which has been followed by the sit/stand revolution, and a revolution in office design and layout. World first discovery of the precise cause of the major cause of non-cardiac chest pain, which is postural displacement of the 8th rib which makes it loose and occasionally slip to pinch a nerve 1 cm from the heart (saving governments internationally of up to a trillion dollars per year in diagnostic and health care costs). World first discoveries of several other medical mysteries some of which have been published and others not.

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