How I found the physical cause of hypochondria where it had been regarded as imaginary for more than a century

The meaning of the word

The world hypochondria is from the Greek word Hypo which means “below” and Chondros which means “cartilage” (of the ribs), but in the absence of evidence of microscopic or X-ray evidence of physical injury or disease the symptoms were deemed to be imaginary for more than a century.


My discovery of the real physical cause of the chest pain

I determined that the chest pain is due to postural pressure on the eighth rib which makes is slip and pinch tne nerve below the seventh rib.

How I found the cause

I had this pain as a teenager but my doctors and medical specialists could not find a cause or explain it.

I began to do my own medical research in 1975 for other reasons and included the chest pain in my enquiries.

I concluded that poor posture was the cause as early as 1978, and wrote an essay called The Matter of Framework in 1980, and have since referred to it as The Posture Theory.

I wrote a series of books called The Posture Theory between 1994 and 2000 ending at 1005 pages with many pages relating to the chest pain.

In 2013 I began sending some essays to the online version of  The British Medical Journal and included several on my detailed descriptions of that pain, and after investigating a research paper by Leon G.Robb, as recommended by L.Sam Lewis, I investigated further articles from 1941 by J.F.Holmes, and from 1975 by A.A.McBeath and then J.S.Keene, and then after reading a research paper by Jean-Ives Meuwly et. al. from 2002, I was more convinced that posture was the cause but couldn’t explain it convincingly until a week or two later when I ran my hand down the left side of my chest and noted that the eighth rib was displaced 1cm forwards, and then, from my previous studies of anatomy, knew the precise biomechanical cause.

Poor posture presses the weight of the head and shoulders down on the top seven ribs which are attached to the sternum, and pushes the eighth rib forwards to stretch its attachments and eventually make itt loose, whereafter it occasionally slips to pinch the nerve under the seventh rib and cause the pain, and then it bounce back to it’s original position so that everything appears normal again.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine

This discovery is so important that I should have been granted the Nobel Prize for Medicine but it seems as if it has caused some embarrassment to those who argued that the symptoms were imaginary or of psychological cause, so there is virtually no-one in the medical or psychiatric professions referring to my discovery, and the credit is being given to other individuals.

The basic reason for not acknowledging that undetectable illnesses are real

Private companies, Government Departments, and Lawyers rely on doctors being able to determine if a person is really sick or not, and entitled to sick leave, compensation, pensions, or other benefits, and that responsibility is made much more difficult where the doctor has to acknowledge that “the absence of evidence does not equate with the evidence of absence“.

My research, which found the real physical causes  of several undetectable illnesses, has made that axiom clear.

Doctors need to show some respect to me, and find another way of dealing with the problem of distinguishing malingering from genuine undetectable illness, and stop branding genuine patients as mentally ill, and burdening them with the stigma of mental illness and the poverty which follows a failed claim .

Doctors also need to find other ways of reassuring patients with undetectable illnesses without stigmatising them as mental cases, and how to treat the illnesses in practical ways regardless of their undetectable3 nature.

They also need to stop other individuals from stealing the credit for my discoveries.


Hypochondria and how I found the real physical cause here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWuZapiO_MM

The Posture Theory set to music here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbt4H2jT26w

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