Joke of the century

The World’s Most Intelligent Joke

Genius to Pirate Pete (the intellectual property thief) 

Genius – You can’t manufacture and sell standing computer desks for profit without asking my permission and paying me license fees and royalties because I am the inventor and have copyright and exclusive all rights reserved to it since 1999.

Pirate Pete – Yes I can because there is nothing new about those desks so you can’t claim copyright. For example, I can remember my Aunt Gerty using a standing computer desk 50 years ago when I was a child.

Common Saying

Fools don’t let the facts get in the way of their stories

Fact 1 – Personal computers did not exist 50 years ago.

Fact 1 – When I invented the standing computer desk in 1999 most adults my age were still using biros or typewriters.

Fact 2 – The standing computer desk requires a height adjustable surface for the screen to be separate to the height adjustable keyboard, but typewriters had the keyboard welded into the unit.

Fact 2 – Before I invented that type of desk nobody was installing them for the purpose of improving their health and productivity.


The Moral of the Joke

If you steal from your Aunt Gerty everyone will call you a criminal.

If you steal from a genius everyone will know that you are an idiot. 


Note that I invented the standing computer desk in 1998 while I had several illnesses including cancer and heart disease. I had coronary artery disease in 1997 and cancer surgery and CHOP chemotherapy in 1998, and more surgery and DHAP chemotherapy, and a stem cell transplant in 1999.



 The diagram above is from page 1 of the 9th edition of The Posture Theory showing the world’s first Standing Computer Desk

The Posture Theory

by M.A.Banfield

Published by M.A.Banfield

First published in January 1994 – 1st edition . . .

Revised August 1999 – 10th edition

Revised October 2000 – 11th edition

Revised as an eBook July 2012 – 12th edition

© M.A.Banfield

All rights reserved 

I.S.B.N. 0 9585390 2 2


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