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When a large number of symptoms don’t show up on blood tests or x-rays they are generally diagnosed as the trivial or imaginary symptoms of hypochondria, and attributed to psychological factors. However,  at one stage, I was diagnosed as a “hopeless hypochondriac”, and yet it was very clear to me that the symptoms were real, and were related to the entirely physical action of leaning forward.

I therefore began to study medicine to determine the real cause for myself, and was ultimately able to draw the correct conclusion that they were due to poor posture.

I will now give some insight into how I came to that conclusion.

An example of how I developed that idea

In order to explain how I develop my ideas about the causes of health problems, and why I occasionally have to respond to criticism, I will give an example of one.

Nowadays, in order to count a large number of coins they are put into a machine which gives them an almost instant answer. However, when I was young, a mountain of coins was placed on a desk in front of me, and I had to count them into piles of twenty, and then calculate the total.

I didn’t have any problems when I started that type of work, but a few months later I noticed that I was getting occasional aches in the region of my left kidney.

I later observed that it didn’t begin to affect me in the morning, but generally became a problem by mid afternoon. I also noted that my right kidney would begin to ache about an hour after that.

A few more years passed when I began to study medicine to determine the cause of that symptom, and many others, and I noticed that they were all related to the same movement.

I drew the conclusion that several weeks of that activity was straining, and causing tenderness in that area of my back, without producing pain, until eventually it only took a few hours of repeatedly leaning forward to cause the symptom.

However, I was still curious about why I was getting such aches and pains, and yet other people seemed to be quite comfortable when doing the same thing.

Many more years went by when I found that such symptoms were much more common, and more typically seen in people who had thin physiques and stooped spines, and abnormalities in the shape of their chest.

I then looked at myself sideways in the mirror and noticed that I had a very significant stoop or slouch in my back, and that it was due to an abnormal curvature in my spine. I also noticed that I had sideways curvature of the spine, and later, that I had abnormalities in my chest shape.

My ultimate conclusion was that it was s combination of all of those factors which explained why I was getting the ache in my left kidney, and  similarly, was the cause of many other symptoms

You can now appreciate why it took me several years to determine the cause of that pain, and why nobody else has been able to find it in the past.

My critics

My critics generally fit into several categories.

1. When I say that poor posture causes hypochondria they immediately assume that it is silly to argue that poor posture is the causes imaginary symptoms, without ever knowing that I am actually saying that poor posture causes many undetectable symptoms.

2. Some people will see me lean forward, and when I appear to be able to do that once without pain they will immediately “leap to the conclusion” that I am a liar, and start acting as if the pearls of wisdom are flooding form their mouths, and treat me as I am just a fool.

3. Their are those who have previously argued that the symptoms were imaginary, and don’t want to ever admit that they were wrong, because it upsets their pride, or their self-image, but they shouldn’t be concerned about such things, because the actual cause was complicated and very difficult to determine, and tens of millions of people have been wrong in the past.

My final comments

What I would like the public to know is that I am a very confident person in arguments, because I focus on facts, and my critics can try to criticise me personally, but they can’t change the facts. Facts are as solid as concrete, and have vastly more power than opinion.





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