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More reliable than mainstream radio, TV or newspapers who consider my discoveries too radical or controversial when I invent them but report them as the world first discoveries of teams of experts many years or decades later.

This page will provide regular updates on what I am doing in research, or in defending myself against the countless individuals and groups who are stealing my research and trying their hardest to fraudulently claim the credit for it.

Max Banfield 

More courage than a pride of lions.

More brains than a team of Einsteins.

More persevering than a Mac Truck travelling downhill without brakes.

Able to leap tall buildings with only one ton of rocket fuel.

Solving more medical mysteries than all of the world’s supercomputers combined.

Notes and News 12-6-17

My comments on who gets paid for research can be seen here

The meeting between Max Banfield, the inventor of the world first standing computer desk, and Sir Mark Oliphant, Australia’s top scientist

In 1975 I had numerous health problems which my doctors were unable to explain or treat effectively so I decided to do my own research to find the cause.

At that time it was widely regarded that desk workers didn’t do anything physical and nothing was evident on blood tests or X-rays so it was impossible for there to be a physical cause, so it must be due to psychosomatic factors such as worry or stress.

However, within five years I was able to determine that sitting at a desk was compressing my chest and abdomen to cause the symptoms so I wrote an essay about my conclusions and sent it to the Australasian Nurses Journal where the editor, Edna Davis, published it in the June 1980 edition on pages 27 to 29.

Some people described it as creative genius but others were critical and dismissive and even hostile toward me, as If I had done something wrong.

I therefore sought the opinion of someone with scientific authority and Sir Mark Oliphant was regarded as Australia’s top scientist for his work on the Manhattan Project which developed the Atom Bomb.

I learned that he was a resident of a Nursing Home in North Adelaide so I arranged to meet him, and when I explained my conclusions he said that they sounded very logical and sensible to him, but he didn’t have sufficient medical knowledge to say any more, so he would discuss the subject with his friends and colleagues who were among of the top medical authorities in Australia.

I met him again a few weeks later when he said that in their opinion that whole area of medicine was a Pandora’s Box of mystery and too complicated for them to comment on one way or the other.

I continued with my research and experiments for another 18 years during which time I increased the height of my desk by adding one draw on top, and then another, and tried  standing at a desk, and using angled platforms, and then learned to type and use a computer, and when I purchased an Apple computer which had a separate box, keyboard, mouse, and screen, I could move their position until I was eventually able to type for six hours without any pain at all for the first time in more three decades.

I published the conclusion under copyright with all rights reserved in the 10th edition of my book called The Posture Theory, in August 1999, and the first diagram was that of a man standing in front of a computer.

I knew that I had discovered something important that could help millions of other desk workers prevent or treat their ailments and make me famous and rich, but I found the same response as before where some people described it as genius, and others said it was all nonsense and rubbish, and that a desk is just a desk, and that I was just a fool, so I stopped doing research for awhile.

However about twelve years later, when I was walking through the local shopping centre at Clovercrest, a former member of Parliament, Bob Gregory, who has known about my research for many years, told me about a newspaper article on my ideas, so I read it, but found that they had attributed the theory and desk design to other individuals.

Since then I have found that they have been manufactured and sold in their millions to business and government offices all around the world, including Apple, Google, and Facebook headquarters, and in the office of Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and $700,000 had been spent to instal them in the U.S. White House of President Obama.

However, nobody has mentioned my name, or asked my permission, or paid me license fees or royalties to manufacture them?
Nevertheless it is my intellectual property until 70 years after I die, and a royalty of 5% is 95% discount on my research findings which leaves ample opportunity for companies to manufacture, sell, and profit from it.

I therefore request all individual desk workers and business and government purchasing officers to ensure that my name and royalty number appears on each standing desk, or standing computer desk or desk top because they are now being sold on the basis of my research, or derivatives of it, and if those marks are not present, that they politely decline to buy, and find a manufacturer who does include those identifications on the desk and the receipt.

I had been criticised by people who said that it was just one man’s research, but now it is widely accepted so I do not accept the arguments that other individuals have changed a few words, or made modifications to the design, and therefore don’t owe me royalties.

My research took 23 years whereas the changes made by other individuals only take a few minutes or a few weeks. Fair use of copyright means fair use, not unfair use.

Thank you, Max Banfield

Notes and News 5-6-17

See one of many examples of those who steal my research below is breeching my copyright as is obvious above

A Poem for The Standing Computer Desk

There are none so blind,

As those who will not see,

That thieves have stolen,

 The standing computer desk design from me,

It is high and separate for the keyboard and the screen,

And those who buy,

From the copies,

Give profit to the devious,

the calculating, and the sly.

© Max Banfield

See more details here

Notes and News 29-5-2017

See why the laughter surprised me!   

I recently attended a public meeting where the host said that the purpose was to have a useful and constructive discussion, and it was not an opportunity to criticise government policy.

I thought “dam, I must be in the wrong building”, because although I was not going to criticise the government, one of my purposes was to discuss how to stop overseas furniture companies from stealing my research and invention of the world’s first standing computer desk, and then making and selling them to gain billions of dollars in profit each year, and claiming to be the world’s leading authorities on the new Sit/Stand Desk Revolution (18 years after I invented it).

I was going to criticise them for making them secretly in other countries, where I couldn’t see what they were doing, and they were not acknowledging that it was my invention, or paying me royalties, so I was never likely to find out.

However they are now trying to sell them for more profit in South Australia where I live, and where I can see their advertisements on my own television screen in Adelaide.

The host of the meeting then asked each member of the audience to give a brief account of why they attended, and when it was my turn to speak I tried to be constructive.

However, after describing my situation as politely as possible I ended by saying that my advice to those plotting and scheming flea-brained nitwits is to shut up and go back to whatever country or cage they came from.

Due to my sudden change from courtesy to criticism I expected to be thrown out of the building, but to my surprise everyone laughed spontaneously.    Max Banfield

Notes and News 22-5-2017


An open  question to the premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill 

My name is Max Banfield, and I am the inventor of the worlds first Standing Computer Desk, which I developed in 1998 after 23 years of research, and published under copyright with all  rights reserved in 1999.

I have noticed recently that the Australian Federal Government has become aware of the massive reduction in health care costs which can be made by including them in the workplace, and so have introduced “Occupational Health and Safety” legislation which requires private companies and government departments to provide such desks to any worker who requests them for health reasons.

I have also found that tens of billions of dollars of profits have been made by overseas furniture manufacturers who are now advertising their products on Adelaide radio and television, but are not acknowledging that they are the result of my research, as required by copyright law, and they haven’t asked my permission to make them, and yet they have contributed absolutely nothing to that research, and virtually nothing to the design but are taking 100% of the profit for themselves and giving me absolutely nothing for making that profit posssible.

In that regard I have approached several intellectual property lawyers who all apologise and say how sorry they are for not being able to protect my rights because of the difficulties in making claims against copiers who have changed a few words to make it look different so that they can argue that it is due to their research, or furniture manufacturers who have taken out patents based on my design, to argue that it is their design and not mine, in order to evade their responsibility to pay me royalties.

I therefore ask if you can pass a law which requires all private companies and government departments to ensure that the furniture manufacturers include the name “Banfield Desk” on all such desk derivates, and provide a certificate of proof that they have paid a 5% royalty to me, and if it is not provided that they decline to buy, and arrange to purchase them from another manufacturer who has complied with that law.

Lawyers will then be able to defend my rights routinely, and without difficulty.

The advantage will be that the bulk of the multibillion dollar profit will flow into the South Australian economy instead of out of it.

If you use those desks or are a member of the public who believes in giving credit where credit is due then please aske the premier . . .  Will you pass Banfields Law?

Notes and News 15-5-2017

Genius, Piracy, and Betrayal in HIgh Science

where intellectual property is the new gold

In October 2016 I attended a meeting where Nick Xenephon, the controversial Australian politician, gave one of the speeches, and afterwards I had the opportunity to introduce myself and discuss how copyright thieves had been stealing my research for several decades and making billions of dollars in profit while not paying me royalties, and leaving me in financial ruin.

He listened with keen interest and said that he would like to help, but he was busy on other matters at that time so he asked me to send him the evidence and he would see what he could do about it.

One of his assistants contacted me a few months later to explain that Nick felt sorry for me being robbed but that he couldn’t find a lawyer who was prepared to take on the case on a pro-bono basis (for free), and he said that it could be difficult to win the case where the thieves had changed a few words, or taken out patents to steal my methods and inventions.

I would therefore like the public to know what happened.

In 1975 I had many health problems which my doctor couldn’t explain or treat effectively and they were getting worse so I decided to do my own research.

About a year later I enrolled in an exercise course at the South Australian Institute for Fitness Research and Training where I was advised to ignore my symptoms and try to keep up with other runners and improve each week to return to normal health, but that made me worse so I slowed down and continued at my own rate for almost a year.

In the next few years I found that the worlds best researchers couldn’t get their patients to train for only 12 weeks so I knew that I had achieved something important.

During the next two years I concluded that some of my symptoms were very subtley related to the compression of my chest and abdomen whenever I sat at a desk, so I wrote an essay which I have since called The Posture Theory.

During the next two years I met Tony Sedgwick who was the head of the Fitness Research Institute and after a brief discussion he put me in charge of a research project to help other patients and the world first success was reported in local and interstate newspapers throughout Australia in 1982 and 1983.

I then left the Institute to try and solve other problems, on the understanding that if the exercise method was ever used in major funded research, or for commercial purposes as a treatment, that I would be contacted to discuss acknowledgements and royalties.

About ten years later I was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live, so as I didn’t think I could cure it I decided to write a book about The Posture Theory, and in due course, after placing platforms on top of my desk I began sitting or standing to write, and in 1995 I met Tony Sedgwick again at his new office, to show him the fifth edition of my book which had a man standing at the desk as the first diagram.

After some problems with heart disease in 1997, and then cancer surgery and chemotherapy in 1998 I purchased a typewriter and then a computer and invented the worlds first standing computer desk which relieved most of my pain and enabled me to do more typing.

However my books were not becoming popular so I finished the 11th edition and stopped publishing it and often wondered why I had not become famous and wealthy for making such major discoveries.

Nevertheless, in 2007 I began to find evidence that some individuals had been stealing my research, and noticed more evidence again in 2012, so I decided to contact Tony Sedgwick to ask him to confirm the fact that those research discoveries were mine.

However I eventually found that he had sold his SA institute in 1999 and moved interstate to set up a new company called Fitness Australia which now has 30,000 customers who he teaches or sells my methods to, including personal trainers, fitness centre managers, universities, private companies, and government departments.

Consequently universities are now teaching my methods to medical and physiotherapy students who are in turn using them as treatments in exchange for fees, and local and international furniture manufacturers are taking out patents on standing computer desks and selling millions of them and making billions of dollars in profits all around the world, and many of them don’t know that it is my intellectual property and that they are required to acknowledge that fact and pay me royalties for each desk etc, until 70 years after I die, and yet, so far, I have been paid absolutely nothing.

Tony should have collaborated with me to combine our skills, but he chose to swindle me, and take the lot. Max Banfield.

Notes and News 8-5-2017

Today, the 12th May 2017 is ME/CFS Awareness Day

In 1975 I was extremely ill but my doctors couldn’t explain or treat the ailments effectively so I decided to do my own research.

In the following year  I joined an exercise class at the South Australian Institute for Fitness Research and Training and was advised by research cardiologists and instructors to do exercises and keep up with other runners and would soon return to normal health.

However following that advice made me worse so I slowed down and did everything at my own pace.

Seven years later, in 1982 the head of that Institute, Tony Sedgwick, invited me to design an exercise program for other patients and it’s world first success as reported in Australian newspapers.

Soon after that, in 1984 the ME/CFS society was started in a nearby suburb.

In 1987 a London psychiatrist named Simon Wessely began stealing my research and continued to do so in the manner of a serial copyright thief.

In 1988 the CDC added the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to it’s official list of diseases.

In 1999 Tony Sedgwick sold the SA Institute and went interstate to set up Fitness Australia and began stealing my method and selling it to personal trainers, fitness centres, and university physiotherapy departments, particularly at the University of South Australia, and their graduates are now charging fees to patients for using my method as a treatment without acknowledging the real source or paying me royalties.

In 2008 Peter White, a colleague of Simon Wessely’s began stealing my ideas in his five million dollar five year PACE trial, and in 2012 Wessely was granted the John Maddox Prize for “courage in science?” for his research into chronic fatigue syndrome and exercise, and soon after was awarded a knighthood for military medicine in Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (Battle Fatigue), and was then made president of the UK Psychiatric Society.

The SA ME/CFS society had been arguing for 30 years that the disorder was due to a virus and were hoping that it could be cured by a pill, but they began stealing my research and methods in collaboration with the physiotherapy department of the University of South Australia.

I therefore now require fees to be paid in advance before I publish any more of my research.

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Why didn’t you carry a gun you stupid bitch?

When I was 25 I had many health problems which my doctors couldn’t understand or treat effectively, and a psychologist said that the sub-conscious mind was turning emotional problems into the symptoms of serious disease so that I could get sympathy.

I had previously been offered three scholarships to study leadership at tertiary level and it included topics on psychology, so I knew that its was impossible for anyone to read the sub-conscious mind, and that such theories were reckless, unprovable guesswork, so I decided to do my own research.

Within five years I had established that the real cause was leaning toward a desk which was compressing my chest and abdomen, and within 23 years I had invented the worlds first standing computer desk which cured the main problems so I knew that I had solved a major medical mystery which could help at least 500 million other desk workers so I published it under copyright with all rights reserved in the 10th edition of my book callee The Posture Theory in 1999.

I then went to newspapers to get articles published as further proof against any copyright thieves who stole the discovery in the future but they were not interested, and neither were furniture manufacturers.

Nevertheless I thought that if anyone did steal my ideas that lawyers (like Ironside) would prosecute the thieves and desk workers would demand justice.

However nothing happened for about fifteen years and then I saw news items about panels of experts claiming to have developed the worlds first guidelines on how to sit, move and stand to prevent chronic illness, and furniture companied were making billions of dollars in profit by selling them, and claiming to be the worlds leading authority on the new “sit/stand desk revolution”.

I therefore approached several lawyers and one said that I was silly for not knowing that anyone could change a few words of explanation and then argue in court that they were not breaching my copyright, and that anyone could make some minor changes to my desk design and take out a patent to steal it.

He then said that I was silly for not knowing that, and that the liars and thieves were now free to steal anything they wanted.

Meanwhile, a little old lady was walking along the street in the evening when a group of juvenile delinquents attacked her and punched her in the face, and when she fell to the ground they kicked her in the head.

As she lay there bleeding from the mouth they stole her purse.

Twelve witnesses saw the incident but were too scared to stop it, but one young woman (who had an elderly grandmother) was utterly disgusted by the cowardly act and  took the risk of carefully moving behind a tree to ring the police.

They soon arrived and asked the little old lady what happened and she said that teenagers had stolen her purse and ran down the street. She said it contained money and important family photos and begged them to go after the thieves and get them back, but the officer in charge said that the had more important things to do, and said  that she was stupid for not carrying a gun.

Is there a moral of that story, or am I really a stupid man for saving 500 million other desk workers from a lifetime of pain, disease, disability and stigma?

Notes and News from 1-5-17

Necessity is the mother of invention

I didn’t go to medical school to study thousands of diseases and become a doctor who could charge fees for treating patients.

I wasn’t healthy enough to go to university for eight hours a day, and they wouldn’t let me attend for a few hours a week, so I did the research to try and cure my own diseases which nobody else in the world could cure, by studying and thinking whenever it was possible, so that, if, and only if I succeeded, that anyone who wished to have the privilege of using my methods to charge fees for treating patients, that they would pay me a very small 5% royalty of that fee, and that I could derive a very lucrative income that way.

However, nowadays other people have taken the opportunity of stealing my methods and pretentiously given them away for free, so that millions of doctors and physiotherapists can charge fees for using my successful methods without paying me a cent,  instead of the old unsuccessful ones.

That has to change before I publish any more of my successes.

He would chop of his right arm – would you???

If someone could save his child from a lifetime of incurable pain, disease and misery???

When I was a young boy I had many illnesses but survived and by the age of ten I was a relatively fit and healthy member of the Ascot Park Cub Scouts.

Each Saturday afternoon I would go to the pictures at a building which we called the Flix which was only two house blocks from my home, and we would roll our Jaffas down the aisles for fun and watch the movies and in one of them the hero saved a man from certain death, so the man said “I thank you and will now follow you forever and do whatever you want because without you I would not have a life“.

I thought to myself that if I ever grew up to become a hero that I would expect gratitude and a small payment, but not to be followed around like that.

As a teenager I once had the ambition of becoming a doctor and curing the worlds illnesses but I was to restless when sitting at a desk so I spent more time playing sport or athletics, gymnastics or swimming so I wasn’t suited to doing the long hours of study required to become a doctor, so when I left school I became a clerk.

During that time I once heard a man say that his child was sick and in terrible pain, and that he would chop off his right arm to end his suffering, and I thought that if I could save that child’s life I would expect something, but I wouldn’t expect  his father to chop off his arm.

By the time I was 25 I had many problems with my own health but none of my doctors or specialists could explain them or cure them so I decided to do my own research. One of the benefits would be to relieve mu own pain and the other would be the gratitude I would get from the millions of other patients who had the same problems, and perhaps a small payment from each of them, especially if I could develop a medication, a unique method, or a device.

Within five years I was able to identify that the cause was leaning toward a desk which was compressing my chest and abdomen, and eventually, after 23 years of experiments. I invented an effective way of preventing the problems, and it was the world’s first standing computer desk, so I published it in my book under copyright with all rights reserved in 1999.

I then went to radio and TV stations and newspapers to get the idea published on a larger scale so that millions of people could see that it was my invention and that nobody could steal it by claiming to be the inventor later. They wanted me to get some support by experts in the field but I couldn’t, and I asked furniture companies to make it under license to me but they said that none of their customers were interested enough to buy them.

Many years went by and I wondered why I wasn’t becoming famous and rich, but then one day I found evidence that other individuals and organisations were claiming to be the world experts in the new discovery that sitting was harmful to health, and furniture makers were claiming to be the world’s leading authorities of the new “sit/stand desk revolution”, and making billions of dollars per year in profits by selling them to large companies on the basis that they would make their workers happier, healthier and more productive.

I therefore approached them to get royalties but they said that they had changed a few words or taken out a patent so they didn’t have to pay me a cent, and the people who purchased the desks said that they had already paid for them and didn’t see why they should pay any more, and that if I want to get payment I should forget about the past and get on with the future and invent something new and next time make sure I took out a patent, and others have said that if I have got any more ideas which can help millions of patients that I should publish them for free for the common good because patients don’t deserve to suffer and I should stop being selfish and greedy???.

Needless to say, life hasn’t turned out to be the way I expected.

An attempt to summarise my problem with intellectual property thieves

PostureTheoryBooksI spent 23 years doing research to find out why I was always having health problems whenever I sat at a desk until I eventually invented the world’s first standing computer desk to relieve them, and then published it under copyright with all rights reserved in my book in 1999 at a time when all the universities in the world were teaching that it was due to worry or stress and treated with psychotherapy.

Since then furniture companies who contributed absolutely nothing to that research have been stealing that design and making billions of dollars of profit without mentioning my name or paying me royalties and when I tell them that they or their lawyers ignore me, or  look at me as if to say . . .  “too bad sucker we have taken out a patent and you haven’t so we don’t have to pay you a cent”.

Please show this information to your radio or TV show or newspaper, or you fitness centre, physiotherapist or doctor, or university, or your furniture company.

My name is Max Banfield and this is what I do!

I began doing medical research in 1975 to develop methods of treating my own health problems when no-one else could, and in the past 40 years I have developed more than 50 medical theories and inventions, some of which are now world famous, and which you may have heard about, or used yourself.

One of them is the world’s first standing computer desk which I invented in 1998 and published under copyright with all rights reserved in 1999 to prove that it was my invention at a time when nobody else was interested in it, but I have recently discovered that overseas furniture companies have been secretly making and selling them for billions of dollars in profit and claiming to be world’s leading authorities on the topic, and now they have come to Australia and are advertising them in Adelaide newspapers, and on radio and TV programs without mentioning my name or paying me royalties, so I have contacted those media organisations to interview me so that I can tell the public, but they haven’t, so I am now telling the public myself.

I am only one man, and I may not be able to stop those thieves from making billions of dollars in profit overseas, but if they continue to advertise those products in South Australia where I can see them on my own TV,  then I want every person in Adelaide to know that they are liars.

My advice to those plotting and scheming flea-brained nitwits is to shut up and go back to whatever country they came from.

I hope the public can recognise that injustice and agree with me.     Max Banfield

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