The Health Biographies of Alexander Leeper, Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Stevenson


In about 2001 I heard a comment in the media describing Robert Louis Stevenson as a whinging hypochondriac. However, he was the author of the book called “Treasure Island” so I decided to check the facts and found that he was actually a courageous adventurer, and later wrote this 253 page biography. The Minister of Youth Sports and Culture in Samoa said that he loved the book.

In 1998 I invented the world first standing computer desk and by the year 2000 I had finished my book called The Posture Theory, and went into hospital for a stem cell transplant to treat cancer, and while I was enduring the side effects I heard a comment in the media about Robert Louis Stevenson and his family being whinging hypochondriacs.
I thought that it was unlikely that a man who wrote the book called “Treasure Island” would be a whinger so I read one of his biographies to see that he actually contracted tuberculosis as a child and as that illness had a short life expectancy he decided to be adventurous to get as much out of life as he could in the limited amount of time available.
I read several of his biographies to get an all round and balanced view of the facts and learned that he sailed the seven seas through storms and while others on board were down below complaining he was on deck singing.
His reaction seemed curious to those around him but I could see that the industrial pollution of nineteenth century cities (particularly the black and yellow fogs of London), were making him sick, and when He got a mile out to sea in the fresh sea air his health improved, and he ultimately established a home in the fresh mountain air of Samoa in the South Pacific.
I then wrote a book about his and his wife’s health, and that of Alexander Leeper to correct the misunderstanding created by other authors.
The President of the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, James.S.Winegar, was so keen on my book that he encouraged me to write it and gave me permission to use top quality photos of the museum on the cover, and purchased six copies for the museum (on Samoa).
He then wrote me a letter with the following words.
“The Minister of Youth Sports and Culture in Samoa loves the book. We presented him with his own copy and he devoured it.” (end of quote).
The book presents information which will be useful to the world today in understanding the CoronaVirus (COVD-19).