How I Cured Angina With A Vegetarian Diet MP3


An audio CD on a successful vegetarian and general treatment method for Angina Heart Disease.
Angina involves a tightness in the centre of the chest occurring every 10 to 100 yards of walking.

The MP3 is actually a 38 minute talk.

The Banfield Diet

When I look for information about health problems I want it to be reliable, so i try to find the best scientific information which corresponds to my own experience, but I also look for practical results, so when I saw that Nathan Pritikin had developed a vegetarian diet for the treatment of heart disease which extended his life by 20 years, at a time when surgery was considered to be successful if the patient lived for 5 only years, I wanted to know everything about that diet.

I also look for practical ways of achieving results, and so, whereas most diets ask you to count spoonfuls, ounces, or calories, i concluded that natural food grows on trees, or on the ground, or in the ground, so that, and only that, is what I would eat. M.B.

Cancer: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Note that I cured the angina in 1997, while I also had cancer between 1993 & 2000. The cancer was eventually cured by a stem cell transplant but the diet may have assisted in that process and accounted for my long term survival since. See my report here.

The diet would also be useful in preventing or treating diabetes.

“Nothing will benefit human health & increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Albert Einstein

Banfield’s theory of diet ingredient accumulation as a cause of disease

It is a theory about how a small amount of ingredient taken often enough in a day, week, or year contributes to diseases of various types.

e.g. I formerly ate about two or three loaves of wholemeal bread per week, and to improve it’s taste I added a thin spread of margarine to each slice. I noticed that when I became a vegetarian to treat heart disease that I stopped eating bread and margarine for several years. During that time I noticed that my consumption of margarine was reduced from one 500mg tub of margarine per week to almost none in a year. I realised that it meant that I was eating 25 kg of margarine less per year, which would have otherwise contributed to the clogging of my arteries with cholesterol. It also amounted to 100kg of fat in forty years.

Since then I have seen other people use that idea and claim it to be there own, so to protect my intellectual property I have called it “Banfield’s theory of diet ingredient accumulation”.