Robert Louis Stevenson

This page is for information about the biography of Robert Louis Stevenson.

However, until I write a new essay for this site you can read  the webpage on my previous website here.

StevensonCoverThe book I wrote in 2001, which includes information about him was called The Health Biographies of Alexander Leeper, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Fanny Stevenson, and has more recently been made available, as an eBook for $9.95, and can be purchased from  here

The photo on the cover was provided by James S. Winegar, President of The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, International Offices, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

It  was taken from inside of Robert Stevenson’s home in Western Samoa, which is now the museum for his work.

When I sent James S. Winegar some copies of the book he sent a reply which inluded these words . . .

The Minister of Youth Sports and Culture in Samoa loves the book. We presented him with his own copy and he devoured it.” (end of quote).

The book is aimed at providing modern readers with an insight into the causes of health problems of the past, so that they can better understand the cause, effect, and methods of treating illnesses, particularly obscure ones, today.

In particular, in the nineteenth century, before the general use of microscopes, the nature of infectious illnesses was poorly understood and treated, as are the ailments of today, which don’t show up on modern diagnostic devices. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of many.

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